Planetary Eco-Resistance Front for the Eradication of Civilization and Tyranny (P.E.R.F.E.C.T.)


Radical movements grow from a culture of resistance. Our best hope lies not in individual survivalism, but a movement willing to stand and fight at the necessary scale. This is that crucial movement.

P.E.R.F.E.C.T.  Principles*

1. The culture of industrial civilization is insane and will kill all life on the planet if allowed to. Power is sociopathic and imperialistic, based in ownership, entitlement, and control, inevitably leading to rape, torture, and genocide. It is systematically corrupt so that fragmented sustainable examples will never offer a broad solution to its effects.

2. Political struggle is a necessity, and fighting injustice is a moral imperative. Resistance means militancy, security, and broad support in destroying the capacity for exploitation.

3. Eco-resistance must be multi-level, with joint action between aboveground and underground groups; confronting detractors, defending resistance movements, offering propaganda and providing direct action in the form of protests, civil disobedience, boycotts, blockades, sabotage…

4. Repair of the planet is necessary. A moratorium on destructive practices means the disruption of production and energy consumption, helping to restore perennial polycultures and creating the demand and infrastructure to protect living communities.

5. Repair of human cultures is equally necessary. An absoulute standard of human dignity is needed to maintain physical boundaries and sexual integrity. Civic democracy, participatory economics, and people’s militia offer the creation for revolutionary tribunals and workers’ committees running factories, public utilities, police forces, retail and wholesale businesses, etc. Illegitimate authority that does not uphold human rights must be rejected and feminism needs to be normalized.

6. Militant action is a necessity. A mass movement that shuts down destructive industry (logging, fishing, agriculture, dams, capitalism…) is the only strategy available in order to fight for the planet. We are therefore called to act, fight, and engage.


A system that murders the powerless and steals the wealth of the world must go down so hard it can’t come back up EVER AGAIN. This requires a two step process to disrupt the economic system and halt the civilization that is killing land bases everywhere:

1. Cut supply lines [trains/rails, trucks/roads, ships/ports…] that transport goods and raw materials, preventing their delivery and flow.

2. Cripple key nodes of industrial infrastructure responsible for catastrophic ecological collapse. 

 By attacking choke points and bottlenecks, taking out key components and inflicting maximum damage upon the points of greatest stress — energy grids, transportation systems, communication technologies, consumption and  production flows, etc — a resistance movement can impair the functioning of resource extraction capabilities and end the effect of polluters across the planet.

*           *           *

*The author of this post recognizes these points of unity cannot in good conscience be attributed to a single organization, or individual, for these points transcend notions of ownership, copyright,  or “property” (which in fact is a major force contributing to the destruction of the planet), and should be understood instead simply as common sense. In this respect, each person and group is one of many fighting as part of what can only be considered a larger movement–those of which who are fighting on the front lines may ascribe to principles outlined above if they wish, or engage otherwise as they see fit.